The Waikato Breast Cancer Research Trust is committed to eliminating breast cancer among New Zealand wāhine/women through the very best and latest research.

Founded in 2000, the Waikato Breast Cancer Research Trust (WBCRT), (formerly known as the Waikato Breast Cancer Trust (WBCT)), is involved in local and international research trials which focus on using the latest research advances to prevent and cure breast cancer.
To date, our research team, led by chairman and breast cancer surgeon, Dr Ian Campbell, has participated in more than 35 clinical trials, providing Waikato and New Zealand wāhine/women with access to leading-edge protocols and therapy.

Waikato Breast Cancer Register

The Waikato Breast Cancer Research Trust runs the Waikato Breast Cancer Register which allows us to monitor standards of care in the Waikato. We are doing major research on reasons for inequities in outcome in the Waikato and beyond, especially for Māori women

The Waikato Breast Cancer Research Trust focuses on BEST research advances, BEST treatments and BEST practices to provide those diagnosed with breast cancer, BEST possible outcomes.

In the Waikato one wāhine/woman every day is diagnosed with breast cancer. Across New Zealand, eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer today. This year 600+ will most likely die. Yet 30% of eligible women aren’t enrolled in free screening and 60% of young women don’t know the signs beyond a lump.