Evidence-based breast cancer research

The Breast Cancer Research Trust focuses on BEST research advances, BEST treatments and BEST practices to provide those diagnosed with breast cancer, BEST possible outcomes.

Founded in 2000, the Breast Cancer Research Trust (BCRT), is involved in local and international research trials which focus on using the latest research advances to prevent and cure breast cancer.

To date, our research team, led by chairman and breast cancer surgeon, Mr Ian Campbell, has participated in more than 45 clinical trials, providing wāhine/women throughout New Zealand and internationally, with access to leading-edge protocols and therapy.

Why the Yellow Button

The Breast Cancer Research Trust truly value the wāhine/women in our lives and believe that like buttons they hold everything together.

Just as a shirt would fall apart without buttons, the lives of thousands of women diagnosed with breast cancer fall apart, as well as the lives of those around them and we are committed to holding lives together through evidence-based breast cancer research.

We proudly connect with patients, doctors, nurses, and families in the community at the point of a breast cancer diagnosis and believe that despite breast cancer diagnoses, futures can go on to be ‘bright as a button’.

Never let it rest

In New Zealand nine wāhine/women are diagnosed with breast cancer every day. This year 600+ will most likely die. Research is the best weapon we have to fight breast cancer.