Clinical trial “ Examining Personalised Radiation Therapy (EXPERT) for low-risk early breast cancer

15 July 2019

The current standard of care for women with early breast cancer is radiation therapy after breast conserving surgery to reduce risk of recurrence and improve survival. However, breast cancer is a complex disease and the absolute benefit of radiation therapy in individual patients varies substantially. 

The EXPERT clinical trial is investigating whether a laboratory test called a genomic assay can help doctors select out women with low risk breast cancer, who may be able to avoid radiotherapy and its associated side effects.This research aims to improve personalised use of radiation therapy in early breast cancer patients, according to individual risk of local recurrence.

Waikato Hospital is a centre for this international clinical trial coordinated by Breast Cancer Trials Australian & New Zealand. Other centres in New Zealand are Palmerston North, Wellington and Christchurch Hospitals.

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