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Celebrating our volunteers

National Volunteer Week celebrates the collective contribution of the 1.2 million volunteers who enrich Aotearoa New Zealand. National Volunteer Week 2019 runs from June 16-22. This year’s theme is “Whiria te tangata – weaving the people together”.

Here at the Waikato Breast Cancer Research Trust we are very fortunate to have several people who volunteer their time to support us with our events and fundraising efforts. Volunteering, Mahi Aroha and social action weave people and communities together and one volunteer in particular is our angel and over the past two and a half years Margaret Jenkins has been a part of our team every week for a few hours.

Marg’s network of contacts has enabled her to secure incredible auction items for our ‘Best Of’ functions, spot prizes and raffles prizes for our annual Pink Walk and Button Run, and goody bag items for our bi-annual Breast Cancer Conference. She also connects the Trust with the media for advertising. Her wealth of knowledge of marketing and communications has been invaluable to us, as well as her experience of building relationships with people.

“I’m passionate about supporting the Waikato Breast Cancer Research Trust. The team and what they do for women’s survival, and the difference they make to families is incredible. I understand the importance of having parents in your life until you’re an adult yourself, and clinical trials research is fighting for the very best outcomes for women so they can be there in the future with their family.”

We celebrated Marg with a morning tea this week and gifted her with flowers, a voucher and card. Her energy, passion and commitment holds us together, quite fitting given we believe that mothers are like buttons; holding everything together and enables us to really make our events the ‘best of’.

A very active member in her community, Marg is also a Rotarian and volunteers at Kaivolution and is part of the Native Plant Restoration Trust. There is no doubt she is “Whiria te tangata – weaving the people together”.

True. Best Friends

A heartfelt thank you to True. for hosting a wonderful evening last night to raise funds for Waikato Breast Cancer Research Trust.

The ‘Sip & Shop’ event packed out the store and we feel very humbled by the generosity of True, their event sponsors that provided food, drink, decorations and auction items as well as all those that attended.

One of the most common reasons women give when consenting to participate in a clinical research trial of an experimental treatment, is that they want to contribute to knowledge for future generations of women diagnosed with breast cancer.  With the fundraising efforts of True, they have assisted with supporting these Waikato women with helping  gain knowledge and save lives for the generations to come.

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A BEST BrEakfaST thank you

A huge thank you to one of our fabulous trustees, Caro, for organising and hosting a BEST BrEakfaST yesterday and raising over $2000 for Waikato Breast Cancer Research Trust.

And she couldn’t have done it without her wonderful guests and the generosity of auction donations from Stretton Clothing, Black and White Beauty Therapy, Vayle Hammond, Christine Braun, Yvonne Scown and Karen May – thank you to everyone!

#FUNdraise #Brightasabutton #Mothersarelikebuttons #Bestoutcomes

Breast News

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Sip & Shop for a cause

FUNdraise for us by purchasing tickets to a fabulous evening hosted by True.

Visit True. to purchase your tickets or purchase a donation to help their efforts if you cannot make the event. 

International Clinical Trials Day

Monday 20th May was International clinical trials day and observes the first clinical trial in 1747 by surgeon James Lind on the HMS Salisbury Royal Navy ship.         

The Waikato Breast Cancer Research Trust acknowledges and pays tribute to all the wāhine who have taken part in all of our Waikato clinical trials over the last 22 years. Clinical trial research helps find new treatments for people, not only in the Waikato and New Zealand, but all around the world! Without the courage and bravery of those who participate, clinical research would not be possible! THANK YOU to all our amazing research and clinical trial participants!

All the major advances in controlling breast cancer have been the result of clinical trials research. Clinical Trials Day is also a time to recognize the people who conduct clinical trials and to say “thanks” for what they do every day to improve public health. This day of celebration also provides our community with a unique opportunity to raise awareness of clinical trials – and of clinical research as a career option among the greater public.

Breast cancer is not just one disease; there are many different types and stages, all of which need different treatments. We must “never let it rest” and continue to drive our research efforts to achieve the BEST for Waikato and New Zealand women and men diagnosed with breast cancer. Clinical trials mean better outcomes and evidence based best treatments and procedures.

#Goodbetterbest #Neverletitrest

Welcome to Jenny

Jen takes up the role in marketing and fundraising to raise awareness in the Waikato of the work we do, the funds needed and how research is undertaken by Waikato Breast Cancer Research Trust as well as sharing the story of our yellow button.

Welcome Jen!

Why the yellow button?

The Waikato Breast Cancer Research Trust uses a yellow button to symbolise holding lives together through evidence-based breast cancer clinical trials.

Just as a shirt would fall apart without buttons, without the hope that our research gives, so to would the lives of thousands of women diagnosed with breast cancer. The yellow-on-black signifies light streaming through darkness.

Showcasing at the Waikato Wellbeing Show 2019

A very special thank you to our amazing team of volunteers who helped on our Wellbeing Show at Claudelands Event Centre last month. As well as displaying our great range of merchandise, the show provided a great opportunity to raise awareness of how the WBCRT enables clinical trials to improve treatments and outcomes for women diagnosed with breast cancer in the Waikato as well as making people aware of the Waikato Breast Cancer Register. The register enables the audit of outcomes for Waikato women against national and international standards and with the register data we are able to suggest further research to help us always do better.

Heather Flay (WBCRT Research Nurse) explains why her personal experience and passion turned her vocation to be a breast cancer research nurse.

Heather has a particular passion for oncology because her mother, grandmother, an aunt and uncle, two cousins and herself have been directly touched with cancer.  Heather is a registered nurse and has experience in mental health, inpatient haematology, oncology and palliative care. Her role with the WBCRT is coordinating international clinical trials for the prevention and treatment of breast cancer. She has journeyed alongside many cancer patients, and it is from this experience that she tasks herself to make a difference with women who have a diagnosis of breast cancer.

“Having a mother go through cancer and my own cancer diagnosis several years ago, has given me an understanding of what people go through when diagnosed. Knowing the impact of cancer on people’s lives, I now like to live life to the full. In my spare time, I enjoy walking or jogging around different areas of New Zealand, kayaking, hanging out with grandchildren and developing a pleasurable garden with my partner Lee”, said Heather.