Our research nurses – Jenni and Heather

14 July 2018
Jenni Scarlet and Heather Flay

When research nurses Jenni Scarlet and Heather Flay sit down with a woman who has been diagnosed with breast cancer, most often she has already talked with a breast cancer surgeon and an oncologist to  her results and treatment options. For some this news will be very positive, and the trials we offer are  based around de-escalating treatment or reducing side effects. For others, the prospect of a good long term outcome is not likely, and we are striving to find new options to improve this. Understanding breast cancer comes from research trials, projects, sharing of knowledge from other national and global research organisations, and from the woman herself.

When a research trial is offered to a breast cancer patient, Jenni and Heather, who are highly qualified research nurses, will ensure the patient’s diagnosis meets specific trial criteria. Some of these trials will be around surgical techniques, drug therapy, radiotherapy, reducing side effects, improving quality of life and communication.

Opting to be part of a research trial or project can be quite a daunting process, but for most women, the opportunity to improve their outcome, and those of other future women diagnosed, is the driving force behind the decision.