Ductal Carcinoma Insitu (DCIS) trial

8 December 2010


This trial evaluated the effectiveness of additional tamoxifen, radiotherapy to the breast, or both treatments, with no additional treatment following complete surgical excision of ductal carcinoma in situ of the breast.

Scientific Title

Australia New Zealand Breast Cancer Trials Group Study No. 9002.  The Management of Screen Detected Ductal Carcinoma Insitu (DCIS) of the breast.


Ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) is usually an asymptomatic disorder that is confined within the milk ducts of the breast. Breast cancer screening has led to a substantial increase in the diagnosis of DCIS over the past three decades. This study investigated the role of radiotherapy and hormonal therapy in the treatment of DCIS.


Radiotherapy should be considered for all women with complete excision of localised DCIS.  Whether women with smaller lower grade lesions can avoid radiotherapy has not been adequately addressed in this research.  The role of endocrine treatments  (tamoxifen or anastrozole) remains uncertain and a further study, the International Breast cancer Intervention (IBIS) II is investigating this.

Main publication:

Effect of tamoxifen and radiotherapy in women with locally excised ductal carcinoma in situ: long-term results from the UK/ANZ DCIS trial. Cuzick J, Sestak I, Pinder SE, Ellis IO, Forsyth S, Bundred NJ, Forbes JF, Bishop H, Fentiman IS, George WD. Lancet Oncol 2011; 12(1):21-29.