SUPREMO Trial (Selective Use of Postoperative Radiotherapy aftEr MastectOmy

29 August 2012



To establish the benefits of postoperative radiotherapy to the chest wall in women who have undergone mastectomy and who are at intermediate risk of recurrence. This is in addition to anti-cancer drugs given in the form of chemotherapy or hormonal therapy (or a combination of both).

Scientific Title

BIG 2-04: SUPREMO, an MRC phase III randomised trial to assess the role of adjuvant chest wall irradiation in ‘intermediate risk’ operable breast cancer following mastectomy.


Radiotherapy treats breast cancer using high energy x-rays to destroy cancer cells and the aim of radiotherapy is to reduce the risk of the tumour coming back. In addition, when given in conjunction with anti-cancer drug treatments, it may also improve long-term survival. Radiotherapy is routinely given to women after mastectomy, when they are at “higher” risk of their breast cancer returning (e.g. when the tumour is large or when there is four or more lymph nodes involved by cancer). International controversy continues regarding which “moderate” risk group of women require radiotherapy after mastectomy and this international randomised trial is underway to attempt to further address this issue.

Enrolment: Closed