Wound Infiltration study

30 May 2015


This Waikato prospective, randomised, single-blind study aimed to determine whether wound infiltration of local anaesthetic decreases postoperative pain and analgesic use, without increasing postoperative complications in breast surgery.

Scientific Title

To Infiltrate or Not? Local Anaesthetic in Breast Surgery


Wound infiltration is commonly used as standard practice during surgical procedures; however there is limited evidence to support its use in breast surgery. The objective of this Waikato study was to determine evidence for wound infiltration with local anaesthetic (Marcain) in breast surgery.


There were no significant differences in postoperative pain scores or complications. Overall pain scores were low, suggesting effective analgesic use by nursing staff. Local anaesthetic infiltration during breast surgery has a marked opioid sparing effect, which has significant benefits for patients as well as reducing nursing workload and drug costs.


To infiltrate or not? Acute effects of local anaesthetic in breast surgery. I Campbell, E. Kerr, S Cavanagh, J Creighton, R French, M Ehrstrom, J Moodie, S Banerjee. ANZ Journal of Surgery; May 2015; 85 (5): 353-7