Waikato Treasure Chests need more women power

7 August 2019

The Waikato Treasure Chests (WTC) are our local dragon boat team of breast cancer survivors and supporters. A competitive team consists of 22 women in the boat. There is increasing evidence that exercise benefits breast cancer survivors, including reducing risk of breast cancer recurrence. Dragon boat paddling also helps maintain the mobility of the arm most affected by the breast cancer surgery.

The objectives of the WTC are to;

  • promote wellness, fitness, fun and camaraderie,
  • send a positive message of hope to other people living with breast cancer and to those who support them,
  • raise awareness about breast cancer whilst supporting the search for a cure.

Give it a go!

For further information waikatotreasurechests17@gmail.com or follow WTC on Facebook www.facebook.com/waikatotreasurechests